How To Interview Your Family Lawyer

Do you need a family lawyer to represent you in a divorce, child custody or child adoption case? Choosing a family lawyer can be a taxing activity. In the extract below, you will learn a few questions to ask your lawyer during the first consultation to ensure he or she is qualified to handle your matter. 

What Is Your Specialisation? 

Some family lawyers deal with divorce cases, while others specialise in child adoption. A specialised lawyer will provide invaluable advice on how you should approach the matter. For instance, if you would want to divorce your spouse, the lawyer may guide you on how to organise your finances before initiating the process. A specialised lawyer can also examine the legality of your case. For instance, you may be unable to adopt a child from overseas if you are pregnant or have a child below 12 months of age. 

What Are the Chances of a Positive Outcome?

An experienced family lawyer will help manage your expectations. Some people approach matters such as divorce with the wrong mentality. However, the reality is that both parties have an equal right to marital property and their kids. Some behaviours can significantly reduce the chances of a positive outcome. For instance, you may lose a child custody case if you are an abusive spouse.

How Long Will the Case Take?  

Your lawyer may not have a direct answer to this question. However, he or she may give an estimate. Plus, he or she might advise how you can quickly resolve the matter. For example, child custody and property settlement matters can be resolved through a negotiation or mediation process. Once you agree with your spouse, your lawyers will draft financial and parental orders and file them with the family court.

How Much Will You Charge?

The lawyer should have a reasonable pricing strategy. Inquire if the lawyer has a fixed price or an hourly charge. What services does the lawyer charge? For instance, will he or she charge if you make a phone call? Beware of extra costs such as administration fees.

How will the lawyer handle client conflicts? For instance, what would happen if you are dissatisfied with his or her work? Negotiation is a suitable way to handle such disputes. However, you should have the right to terminate the contract without many repercussions.

When interviewing a family lawyer, inquire about their specialisation, the possibility of a positive outcome, how long the case will take and their pricing mechanism. 

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