What's the Difference between Tenants in Common and Joint Tenants?

If you're thinking of buying a property in partnership with another, you need to be aware of the options available to you. How you proceed may affect how the property is handled during subsequent events and can significantly affect your rights as an individual. In particular, you need to understand the distinction between tenants in common and joint tenants, but how are these defined, and how should you proceed? Joint Tenants

5 Reasons To Hire a Conveyance Attorney For A Real Estate Transaction

Whether you are planning to buy or sell a property, it is important to make sure you are settled from a legal standpoint. An attorney that specialises in conveyancing can ensure the entire process goes smoothly and with no surprises.  1. Legal Documentation Any type of property transfer, whether a traditional sale or simply transferring the property to a relative, comes with the need for legal documentation. A conveyance attorney will ensure that all documents are drawn up correctly per the requirements and laws of the property location.

Did You Know That Domestic Violence Comes in Many Shapes and Forms?

When most people think about domestic violence, they may imagine a scenario involving physical violence, where one person pushes, punches or hits the other, often inflicting bodily injury. Unfortunately, this type of situation is all too common when a marriage is dissolving, but it does not reflect other aspects of domestic and family violence. Did you know that domestic violence can take many different shapes and forms and that you can get protection from a family law court as you proceed with your divorce application?

When To Hire a Family Lawyer When You're a Non-Custodial Parent

If you are a parent, you might not have full custody of your child. However, this does not mean that you can't benefit from working with a family lawyer. In fact, you might find that there are various situations in which you can benefit from family legal services. You're Having Trouble Getting Visitation With Your Child If you agree that it's best for someone else to have custody of your child, such as if you work out of town and aren't able to take care of your child for this reason, then you might not be interested in fighting for custody.

Critical Facts About Intellectual Property for Startups

A common trap that most startups fall into is failing to consider intellectual property (IP) early in the business journey. Unfortunately, some startup owners remember this aspect of commercial law when it is already too late and have to deal with the challenges of intellectual property laws. Today, the value of many companies stems from intangible assets; thus, it is vital to think about IP when an idea springs into your mind.