How To Woo Buyers Into Buying Your Home

Selling your home should not be a stressing process. Adequate preparation ensures a speedy process and increases buyers' interest in the property. The excerpt below discusses how you can woo buyers into purchasing the property. 

Prepare Your House For Sale

Your conveyancer's first task should be to help prepare your house for sale. For instance, they will consider the need for renovations. Frayed wiring, drainage odours, mould, pests and poor workmanship are some reasons why buyers may be disinterested with the property. Houses in poor condition may need extensive repairs such as new roofs, repainting, building extensions, kitchen fixtures and landscape installations. 

Property Listing

Most buyers and agents use real estate listings to determine suitable properties. Below are some tips to help you when listing the property; 

  1. Timing. List the house a few weeks before the real estate high season. There are many buyers in the property market at this time.
  2. Work with an agent who offers to advertise the property on multiple platforms. They should also erect signage outside your home.
  3. Take appealing photos of the property. Alternatively, you could ask a professional photographer to take these pictures.
  4. The listing must be accurate. It should include the property size, location, agent contacts, unique features and history.

House Visits

Your house must be sparkling clean during house visits. Remove personal items such as paintings, curtains, wall hangings and carpets. Some buyers assume that these items are on sale. Buyers will have questions regarding the quality of fixtures, when you conducted renovations, neighbours, and owners corporation bylaws. Be honest with the buyers. Do not merely tell them what they can see, talk to them about your experiences on the property. For instance, you could inform them how the spacious compound will give kids somewhere to play or how the extra bedroom could be used to bring the family some extra income.

Contract of Sale

The contract of sale must be fair to both parties. Remember that the buyer will seek their conveyancer's advice before signing the agreement. As such, do not attempt to arm-twist the buyer by including unreasonable terms and conditions. Give them adequate time to conduct a house inspection, request for renovations and organise finance. Most buyers will back out of the deal if they think that you are dishonest. 

Adequate preparation will ensure you have an easy time selling your property. As a rule of the thumb, work with an experienced conveyancer to guide you through the process.

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