3 Ways To Prepare For Your First Divorce Legal Consultation

Making the decision to split from your spouse will be one of the hardest ones you could make. And even though you've tried to make it work, sometimes divorce is inevitable. The important thing to remember is that life moves on and things get easier, even if it doesn't seem that way now. Before you head to your first consultation with a family law solicitor, some preparations in advance can help –

List Down A Summary Of Your Entire Situation

Your lawyer will need to know everything about your situation to give you informed advice about how to proceed further. This will include when you met your partner; how long you have been married for; when you separated; why you separated; whether there any domestic violence or abuse involved; whether you have dependent children; what their current living arrangements are; whether you or your spouse have another partner; and so on. List all this information down for the lawyer to assess and determine the right solution for your particular situation.

Get Copies Of Incomes, Bank Statements And Other Financials

A good way to prepare for your first meeting with your family lawyer is to bring copies of incomes, bank statements, tax returns, and any other financial documents – for both you and your spouse if possible. This is a good way for the lawyer to assess how much income you and your spouse bring in. If you're unable to bring in financial documents related to your spouse, you may have an idea of his/her income, so try to prepare all this in advance to use the consultation time with the solicitor as effectively as possible.

Prepare A Written List Of Important Questions To Ask The Lawyer

When you're at the consultation, it's easy to forget a few questions – only to remember them in frustration later. Prepare a list of important questions to ask the solicitor who is handling your divorce so you make the best use of your time. For example, you may want to know how long the divorce process takes, how long before your child support or spousal maintenance payments start kicking in or how much you can expect to pay for an in-court and out-of-court settlement. Write them down so you don't forget to ask these questions.

Your first consultation doesn't have to be tough or daunting when you're better prepared. Follow these steps to make it as seamless as possible.