Risks That Electricians Face in the Workplace and How to File a Claim

As an electrician, you have the important job of ensuring that devices, systems and infrastructure are operating at optimal levels. People working in this industry carry out many different tasks. Some focus on the smooth flow of electric current, while others work directly with devices that other people rely on for daily tasks. But the reality is that electricians also face many different risks. They may become electrocuted from the rapid flow of current or burned as a result of electrical fires.

Seeking timely compensation for workplace injuries is critical to filing a successful claim. By gathering as much evidence as possible, following doctor recommendations during treatment, and seeking the assistance of a workplace accident lawyer, you're more likely to receive the compensation you deserve following an incident in the workplace. Here are some of the most common risks that electricians face while at work.


Unfortunately, the human body is a good conductor of electric current. This means that you may end up experiencing a shock or even full electrocution while carrying out your job responsibilities. Because the extent of injury from a shock can vary significantly from one person to another, adequate documentation is necessary when filing a claim.

Seek medical treatment as soon as possible and have your doctor keep records of all injuries you experienced. The cause of shock or electrocution should also be clearly documented. Did it happen because you didn't have adequate equipment from your employer? Was there negligence in ensuring a safe working environment for all electricians in your team?

Burns from electrical fires

The rapid flow of electricity can also result in fire, which in turn causes burns. When filing a claim for burn injuries, you would have to prove that the injury was directly caused by such a fire. There should be documentation as to the cause, location and extent of the fire that arose while you were working. Electrical fires can cause extensive harm to the human body, and not receiving timely compensation could result in many different health complications.

Slips and falls

Electricians are also exposed to the risk of slipping and falling while working. This may happen from using a ladder when fixing electrical lines, standing on scaffolding in a construction site, or encountering slippery surfaces in customer homes.

Because it can be challenging to relate slips and falls to specific types of injuries, documenting the incident as soon as possible is essential when filing a claim. Furthermore, you should seek medical treatment and consult with a lawyer to begin the process of getting the compensation you deserve.

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