Relocating To Australia? How To Avoid Problems With The Australian Pet Law

If you plan to relocate to Australia for work and you want to bring your pets with you, now's the time to prepare. Australia has strict laws regarding the importation of pets into the country. If you fail to follow the appropriate procedures, you could face serious consequences when you try to enter the country. In fact, you could risk the forfeiture of your pet. To avoid those consequences, here are four steps you need to take before you relocate with your pets.

Understand the Import Law

Now that you're planning a move to Australia, the first thing you need to do is familiarize yourself with the pet laws. Certain conditions must be met before your pets can legally enter the country. First, your pet must not be 30 days pregnant or nursing their young. Second, your pet must not be under quarantine for any reason at the time of relocation. Third, cats must not belong to any prohibited feline category, such as the Chausie. Fourth, your dogs must not belong to a prohibited canine group, which includes mastiffs; American pit bull terriers or Japanese Tosa. 

Have Your Pet Microchipped

If you plan to bring your pets along when you relocate to Australia, you'll need to have them microchipped prior to entering the country. Australian pet laws require that all pets be microchipped and that those microchips be non-encrypted. It's also important that any microchip has an ID number that's at least fifteen digits long. If your pets aren't microchipped or their current microchips don't fit those requirements, visit your veterinarian before your scheduled departure date. 

Obtain the Appropriate Documentation

If you're in the process of getting your pets ready for your relocation to Australia, make sure you obtain the proper documentation from the veterinarian. You'll need to have current vaccination records for each of your pets, as well as a current rabies shot. If your pets have been desexed — spayed or neutered — you'll need to provide documentation for the procedure. Be sure to travel with this documentation. You'll need to provide this information before you can enter Australia with your pets. 

Make Appropriate Pet Quarantine Plans

Finally, if you plan to bring your pets when you move to Australia, make quarantine plans in advance. Australian pet laws require all pets to enter a mandatory quarantine for at least ten days. If you fail to place your pet in quarantine, you could face penalties and fines.