5 Reasons To Hire a Conveyance Attorney For A Real Estate Transaction

Whether you are planning to buy or sell a property, it is important to make sure you are settled from a legal standpoint. An attorney that specialises in conveyancing can ensure the entire process goes smoothly and with no surprises. 

1. Legal Documentation

Any type of property transfer, whether a traditional sale or simply transferring the property to a relative, comes with the need for legal documentation. A conveyance attorney will ensure that all documents are drawn up correctly per the requirements and laws of the property location. Further, they will ascertain that all disclosures are issued per the laws of the territory in which the property resides so that there are no issues once the day of transfer arrives. 

2. Contract Reviews

Both the owner and the buyer of a property need to be fully aware of all information in the contracts for the property transfer, but it can often be difficult to understand everything intended by dense legal terminology. Your conveyance attorney will fully read the contracts and make note of any difficult bits so that you can review them. They will also be able to explain anything difficult in plain language so you can be sure to understand every aspect of the proceedings.

3. Financial Details

Working with the banks, estate agents, and taxation authorities can be both a nuisance and confusing. Money must be held until the day of transfer, taxes must be prorated properly, and estate agents will expect to get their share by the end of everything. Your conveyance attorney can work with the various agencies that have ties to the finances of the transaction so that you don't have to worry about a thing.

4. Title Research

Before the property can transfer ownership, it must be verified that the title is free and clear. If there are any persons or agencies with a hold on the title, then the transaction can fall through at the last minute. Your conveyance attorney will do full research on the title history, thus ensuring that there are no heirs, joint titleholders, or government or private agencies that have a hold on the title. 

5. Transfer Proceedings

On the day of the final transfer, your conveyance attorney will be present and at your side. They will help you go through and understand each document you will be signing or witnessing so that there are no surprises once the transaction is complete. Having the attorney present will smooth the proceedings and help avoid any last-minute problems. 

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