When Your Will Isn't Enough: Do You Need Estate Planning?

Estate planning differs from drafting your will, although there are some overlaps. Your will is primarily concerned with the disbursement of your assets after your death, along with any conditions imposed upon this disbursement. Estate planning certainly deals with your assets, but it can be a more thorough means of preparing your affairs, both for after you have passed away and before this happens.  Disability or Incapacitation You don't want to leave any room for ambiguity, so it's wise to consult an estate planning lawyer to ensure that your wishes are in fact enforceable.

What Is a Commercial Lawyer and Why Do You Need One?

If you are planning on opening a business/company or you already have one, you should hire a commercial lawyer. What is a commercial lawyer and what does he or she have to do with your business? A commercial lawyer is a type of lawyer who works in corporate, financial or dispute affairs. These are the three main areas in which you may require the help or services of a commercial lawyer if you want your company to start and grow successfully.

All You Need To Know About Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

One of the most important activities when buying property is the pre-purchase building inspection. Below is a comprehensive guide on the benefits of this inspection and the impact it has on the sale. When should you Conduct the Building Inspection?  Typically, building inspections are conducted after the exchange of contracts. Your conveyancer will ensure that the agreement compels the seller to allow you to conduct a building inspection. The conveyancer will liaise with a licenced and qualified building inspector to inspect the house.

How To Woo Buyers Into Buying Your Home

Selling your home should not be a stressing process. Adequate preparation ensures a speedy process and increases buyers' interest in the property. The excerpt below discusses how you can woo buyers into purchasing the property.  Prepare Your House For Sale Your conveyancer's first task should be to help prepare your house for sale. For instance, they will consider the need for renovations. Frayed wiring, drainage odours, mould, pests and poor workmanship are some reasons why buyers may be disinterested with the property.

Three Ways to Minimise Inheritance Disputes When Writing Your Will

In every family, you will likely encounter sibling rivalry. However, in some instances, such rivalry might spill into a courtroom as claimants contest the will of deceased parents. Some children may feel that they have not been given what they are entitled to or that others have been favoured at their expense. Even though each state and territory has defined who can contest a will, in most cases, family members such as a deceased spouse, children, dependents, grandchildren, and registered caring partners are often the main claimants.