How To Woo Buyers Into Buying Your Home

Selling your home should not be a stressing process. Adequate preparation ensures a speedy process and increases buyers' interest in the property. The excerpt below discusses how you can woo buyers into purchasing the property.  Prepare Your House For Sale Your conveyancer's first task should be to help prepare your house for sale. For instance, they will consider the need for renovations. Frayed wiring, drainage odours, mould, pests and poor workmanship are some reasons why buyers may be disinterested with the property.

Three Ways to Minimise Inheritance Disputes When Writing Your Will

In every family, you will likely encounter sibling rivalry. However, in some instances, such rivalry might spill into a courtroom as claimants contest the will of deceased parents. Some children may feel that they have not been given what they are entitled to or that others have been favoured at their expense. Even though each state and territory has defined who can contest a will, in most cases, family members such as a deceased spouse, children, dependents, grandchildren, and registered caring partners are often the main claimants.

A Guide to Commercial Dispute Resolution

As a business person, you may have had a dispute with your client. It happens due to misunderstandings, failure to make prompt payments or honour contract obligations. The Australian courts encourage people to settle commercial conflicts through an out-of-court process. The process allows conflicting parties to resolve the issue in private. The article below discusses how you can handle conflict with your clients.  Negotiation Negotiation is an instant and cost-effective method to resolve the dispute.

Are You Looking for a Team of Family Lawyers?

When you have a family problem that needs to be resolved through a legal process, you will need to work with family lawyers. Choosing the right lawyer can seem complicated if you have never undertaken the task before. Here are five things that you should look for if you want to be certain that you have found the best lawyer for your situation. How much dedicated experience do they have?

Do you need a lawyer to make a will?

Making a will is not in and of itself difficult, although many people put off doing so for a number of reasons. Traditionally, people would always use a lawyer to make a will, also to make any alterations to it and often to execute it as well, once the person has passed away. More recently, and with the growth of the internet, there are a number of businesses and government agencies that operate online that allow people to draw up and make their own wills, without the use of a lawyer.